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BNK48#1 Face Recognition

BNK Face Recognition

Recognite face images of BNK48 gen 1 group's members.

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E-commerce Chatbot (in Thai)

E-commerce chatbot

Chatbot for E-commerce with the shopping cart system.

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Human Resource Chatbot (in Thai)

HR chatbot

Chatbot for answering all of human resource questions.

For Demo, Use "000000" as a employee ID.

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Automatic Question/Answering Machine Comprehension in Thai/English language.

Question & Answering

Answer the given question by finding in the given paragraph in Thai/English language.

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Thai Text Emojification

Write down some Thai text, e.g., "รักเธอเหลือเกิน" -> "รักเธอเหลือเกิน ❤️", "ดีมากเลย" -> "ดีมากเลย 😄", "เศร้าแปป" -> "เศร้าแปป 😞", "กำลังหิวเลย" -> "กำลังหิวเลย 🍴" เป็นต้น

Now support only 5 Emoji ❤️😄😞🍴⚾

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